David Miller & Associates, Inc.


David Miller & Associates is a highly experienced multidisciplinary consulting firm specializing in water resource and environmental infrastructure planning, formulation, financing, and implementation.  Headquartered in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C., DMA serves Federal, state, local, and private clients throughout the United States and abroad from this location, and from a number of small satellite offices throughout the country.  DMA provides contract support to many Corps of Engineers offices, including: the Huntington, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Norfolk, Savannah, Louisville, St. Louis, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Wilmington, Los Angeles, Omaha, New England, and St. Paul Districts; the Institute for Water Resources; the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division MSC, and Headquarters, USACE.

DMA recognizes the challenges faced by resource managers in promoting environmentally sustainable development; stimulating economic activity while protecting and restoring the natural environment.  Developing sound and viable water resource projects requires a keen understanding of technical, political, economic and financial objectives and constraints.  DMA’s extensive technical and management experience enables our firm to offer a unique service to clients that integrates the interdisciplinary skills needed to formulate and select technical approaches that maximize project benefits and outputs, while minimizing project costs and environmental issues.

DMA’s highly trained and experienced staff provides a broad range of technical expertise.  DMA staff and its consultants hold advanced degrees and have professional backgrounds in water resources planning and engineering, resource economics, biology, geography, environmental analysis and planning, landscape architecture, sociology, finance, civil and environmental engineering, geomorphology, decision sciences, mathematics, and computer modeling.

DMA has performed and directed planning studies on the full range of water resources projects, including: Flood Control, Coastal Projection, Ecosystem Restoration, Navigation, Water Supply, Recreation, Streambank and Shore Protection, Hydropower, and Wastewater Treatment.  DMA has extensive experience in: plan formulation, 905(b) reconnaissance and feasibility report preparation under the General Investigations program, Continuing Authorities report preparation under the Section 1135, 206, 205, 14, and 107 programs, preparation of General and Limited Reevaluation reports, preparation of EISs and EAs, preparation of Project Study Plans and Project Management Plans, preparation of design documents and Plans and Specifications, benefit-cost analysis, financial capability analyses, cost effectiveness and incremental cost analysis, regional economic evaluations, environmental analysis, and risk and uncertainty analysis. 







Water Resources Development Planning and Analysis